What is PDF?
PDF, or Portable Document Format, is technology that allows documents from other sources to be accurately reproduced on the Internet. PDF is not supported by most browsers and requires additional software, a PDF reader, to be installed on your computer.

Adobe Acrobat Reader® is a PDF reader and can be downloaded free of charge.

Can my system handle PDF?
When you click on any link labeled "Download PDF File" on the QBCC site you should see the document appear within your browser. If it does - your system can already handle PDF

If it does not - you will have to download and install a PDF reader.

Note: the browser will usually let you know this by displaying a "How to handle file type" or "Save file to disk" message.

How to download and install a PDF Reader
Adobe Systems Inc. makes Adobe Acrobat Reader® available free of change on the Internet.

Click on the icon below to go to the Adobe site. At the Adobe site, click on the same icon and follow the instructions to download and install the Adobe PDF Reader®.

Get Adobe PDF Reader