Updated On: 18/09/2021 1:11:53 AM

This list is updated approximately every 30 minutes. Licensees will be removed from the list after 14 days or when the suspension/cancellation of the licence class changes. For the current status of all of the licensee’s licence classes please review the Licensee History document available within the Public Register search by clicking on the Licensee Name in the list.

Cancellation DateLicence NoNameTypeReason
17/09/202115107647 Farr, Corey James IndividualContractor Request
17/09/20211225245 Baki, Ahmed Ibrahim IndividualContractor Request
17/09/2021710414 Logan, Ronald Frederick IndividualContractor Request
16/09/20211210674 Concord Built Pty Ltd CompanyNo Current Nominee
16/09/20211027526 Mclean Homes Pty Ltd CompanyContractor Request
16/09/2021745070 Broadstock, Stephen John IndividualContractor Request
16/09/202159898 Brock, Warren Jeffrey IndividualContractor Request
15/09/202115064307 Cambridge, Jackson Rayne IndividualNon-payment of debts (MFR)
15/09/20211221262 Reinalda, Nelson Phillip IndividualContractor Request
15/09/20211217933 Kms (Qld) Pty CompanyContractor Request
15/09/20211033564 Stevens, Benjamin Jon IndividualContractor Request
15/09/202167688 Cantwell, Dennis Paul IndividualChange of Grade Requested
15/09/202164351 Gayton Holdings Pty Ltd CompanyContractor Request
15/09/202131782 Farrell, Michael John IndividualChange of Grade Requested
15/09/20213605 Lewis, Herbert William IndividualContractor Request
14/09/202115043669 Hood, Michael David IndividualContractor Request
14/09/202115023866 Sbs Contracting Qld Pty. Ltd. CompanyContractor Request
14/09/20211301396 Stains, Izaak Daniel IndividualLicence Change LC0010488
14/09/20211292510 Morris, Anthony Paul IndividualContractor Request
14/09/20211282630 Pointcorp Constructions Pty Ltd CompanyContractor Request
14/09/20211272792 Pedersen Firedoor Pty Ltd CompanyContractor Request
14/09/20211265693 Quinn, James Neville IndividualChange of Grade Requested
14/09/20211224283 Rocon Contracting Pty Ltd CompanyContractor Request
14/09/20211193940 Hosni, Danny IndividualChange of Grade Requested
14/09/20211179720 Rogers, Sean Pixie-Fethas IndividualChange of Grade Requested